Locomotive Type  


GL Class

CFCLA's GL106 "Sub Zero" outside the Junee Railway Roundhouse in December 2013

Year: 2003

Length: 18.7m

Weight: 132000kg

Power: 2460Kw

Top Speed: 113kph

CF Class

CFCLA's CF4412 "Black Caviar" outside the Junee Railway Roundhouse in March 2014

Year: 2008

Length: 22m

Weight: 138000kg

Power: 3370Kw

Top Speed: 115kph

48 Class

Junee Railway workshop owns 3 operational 48 class locomotives 4814, 4816 and 4836. We are refurbishing a number of 48 class locomotives for Graincorp.

Year: 1959 - 1970

Length: 14.76m

Weight: 75000kg

Power: 780Kw

Top Speed: 120kph

Graincorp 48 Class

Graincorp has inherited 18 48 class locomotives from the government and has given Junee Railway Workshop the job of fully restoring each one. Here is the first fully refurbished loco, 48216 at JRW's premises in Junee


Year: 1959 - 1970

Length: 14.76m

Weight: 75000kg

Power: 780Kw

Top Speed: 120kph


G Class

Junee Railway Workshop regularly services G class locomotives that are in service on the main line running between Junee and Melbourne.


Year: 1984

Length: 19.82m

Weight: 128000kg

Power: 2460kw

Top Speed: 114kph

T Class

Junee Railway Workshop services and repairs T-class locomotives owned by Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company (CFCLA)


Year: 1955 - 1969

Length: 14.71m

Weight: 70000kg

Power: 710kw

Top Speed: 100kph

AN Class

One of the most powerful locomotives on the rails. These locos appear similar to CFCLA's EL class locos however they are powered by a 16-cylinder EMD 710 engine


Year: 1992

Length: 22.6m

Weight: 128000kg

Power: 3030kw

Top Speed: 150kph

EL Class

Junee Railway Workshop services CFCLA's EL class locomotives. The EL's  are in service as main line locos. We completed a major refit of EL64 after it was badly damaged by fire.


Year: 1990

Length: 19.6m

Weight: 114000kg

Power: 2460kw

Top Speed: 140kph


HL Class

The HL or 422 class locomotives are one of CFCLA's older locos. They have a 16 cylinder EMD-645E engine.

Year: 1969

Length: 18.4m

Weight: 110000kg

Power: 1640kw

Top Speed: 124kph


47 Class

4716 seen here visiting Junee. This loco was repainted in it's original livery at Cowra roundhouse.


Year: 1972

Length: 15.2m

Weight: 82000kg

Power: 840kw

Top Speed: 113kph


S Class

S300 was purchased but CFCLA in 2006 and is currently in service. It is seen hear waiting on repairs for an oil leak in January 2010

Year: 1957

Length: 18.7m

Weight: 116000kg


Top Speed: 133kph